After school, Wiess moved to San Francisco and worked as a stylist. Soon, her fashion instincts took over and she then embarked on the next chapter of her life – to focus on her aspiration of making wearable art. She quickly secured a position at Scintillant Studio in the San Francisco Mission District teaching jewelry making and metal work. After years of teaching, Wiess’ friends began requesting her personal pieces; she worked out a barter system and in turn came the requests for her intricate butterfly necklaces. Subsequently, Wiess presented a butterfly necklace piece in The Metal Arts Guild show at Oakland Museum in 2007, and the rest is history. 

Each individual piece in Robin Lynn Designs collection is carefully handcrafted by Wiess herself. She uses sterling silver plated with vermeil (rose gold or 24 karat gold) and oxidizes the pieces that are not plated, to add extra detail and a raw, distressed vintage look. Every piece has a patina weight up to an ounce, which adds a strong feel and substance, combined with fair trade diamonds and semi-precious stones to compliment the piece. Citrine, ruby, and sapphire stones are carefully picked and placed in the right settings for their healing qualities. Just as “no two stones are alike,” Wiess offers the option to add inscribed words to most of her pieces for a personal touch.
robinlynn made with “LOVE”

Chicago native, jewelry instructor, and emerging designer, Robin Wiess is pleased to offer her handmade jewelry collection, Robin Lynn Designs, at various notable boutiques across the country. Her one-of-a kind statement pieces are
made with quality metals, diamonds, and semi-precious stones with a handcrafted style that can be perfectly described as “strong, raw, and symbolic.” Each collection reflects her personal experiences, art, and people that have inspired 
Wiess throughout her life; as a result, each piece is carefully “handmade with love.”